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Our mission at Southwest Women’s Health Associates (SWHA) is…

to deliver high quality, patient-centered primary and gynecological care throughout each stage of a women’s life.

Our role as health care professionals is to address needs of body, mind and spirit, meeting women where they are and partnering with them along the path to health and well-being. Founded in 1989, we continue to offer a broad range of high-quality health care services for women by certified Nurse Practitioners.

Our Services

Primary Care

Minor Illness (Flu, Infections, etc.)
Chronic Stable Conditions
Referrals to Specialists
Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia
Ordering and Interpreting Laboratory Tests
Physical Exams:
Sports, Camp, Employment


Preventative Care
Nutrition Advice for Optimal Health
Life Style Education and Counseling
Early Detection Screenings and Treatment:
Breast, Pelvic, Colon, Bone, STDs, 
Skin, Diabetes, Cholesterol



General Counseling and Advice
Bio-Identical Hormones
Hormone Pellet Implants
Treatment of Vaginal Atrophy
Assistance with Symptoms



Birth Control
General Counseling and Advice
Oral Contraceptives



Other Services
Colposcopy (Abnormal Pap Smear Evaluation)
Abnormal Bleeding Evaluation
Evaluation and Treatment of Thyroid Disorders