Frequently Asked Questions

About Nurse Practitioners

What is a nurse practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who have received graduate level education and clinical experience in a specialty area.

A nurse practitioner provides primary health care services, emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention. They are skilled in the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic diseases. Nurse practitioners may work individually or in collaboration with a variety of health care providers to diagnose and manage their patient’s health care needs, including:

SWWHflower-TN Primary Care

SWWHflower-TN Preventative Care

SWWHflower-TN Birth Control

SWWHflower-TN Menopause

SWWHflower-TN Other Services

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What services do they provide?

Who regulates their practice?

Nurse practitioners practice under the rules and regulations of the Nurse Practice Act. They are educated at the graduate level and are nationally board certified. In Colorado, nurse practitioners have full practice authority, including prescribing of medications.

Most insurance is accepted at Southwest Women’s Health.

We are not contracted with Medicaid, we cannot bill Medicaid and we cannot accept payment if you have Medicaid as primary or secondary insurance.

Will my insurance cover fees for nurse practitioner service?

Reasons people prefer nurse practitioners: 

Nurse Practitioners:

…take a “whole person” approach to health care, viewing each patient as a physical, emotional and social person, not merely a collection of symptoms

….are interested in people and their lives, not just their illnesses

….take time to listen to their patient’s concerns and answer their questions.

…teach people how to take care of themselves, to achieve optimal health and avoid behaviors that contribute to poor health.

…help people use health care services effectively.